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Wynter Music

Philip Cashian's Wynter Music was inspired by the painting 'Green Confluence' by the St Ives artist Bryan Wynter, collected by the Tate in 1974 and now part of the Tate Collection.

Brian Wynter is often associated with the ‘Middle Generation’ of St Ives artists and 'Green Confluence' is one of a series of works created in response to large-scale abstract paintings that emerged in Britain and America in the 1950s and 1960s.

In the 4D Music project, the performance of 'Wynter Music' is accompanied by a gentle manipulation of the main elements of 'Green Confluence', reflecting the slow build up of layers of paint and colour in a palette that focuses on acid greens and yellows, turquoise and mauve-blues.

Braun's animation for 'Wynter Music' is manipulated by the sounds generated by solo violin player, Alex Wood, and reflected on the screens in an ever changing series of gestures in shades taken from the painting. Philip Cashian's interpretation of 'Green Confluence' is reflected in a struggle for dominance between the violin soloist and accompanying ensemble. Interpreted as a series of melodic gestures, the violin line in particular, inspired visual gestures that are changed by phrase length, dynamic and pitch.

The success of the ensemble over the soloist is from time to time reflected in an inversion of the entire visual texture into gestural lines. The complexity and density of the visual material builds up over the course of 'Wynter Music' with the large projection screens enabling the audience to see small and detailed animations within each band of colour such as watery ripples and gentle surges reminiscent of cell cultures.

The success of 'Wynter Music' is the combination of Cashian's clearly structured work and the responsiveness and sensitivity of Braun's animation to both the music and the original painting.

" I was thrilled at what Braunarts did with the Bryan Wynter painting (which was the original starting point for my piece). Without any prior collaboration or discussion Terry Braun produced a video that enhances and instantly reflects what's happening in the music"."
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"Last Friday at the Purcell Room in London Philip Cashian's 'Wynter Music' was greeted with the usual measured applause; but at its second outing at the CBSO Centre in Birmingham on Sunday there was an audible squeak of delight at the end from a very small person in the fifth row, which made the rest of us laugh. He was one of the many children sitting with their Mums and Dads at this ambitious and imaginative Family Concert given by the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group."
Ivan Hewett, The Telegraph, 17 January 2008



36.9Mb (8 minutes 20 seconds) Video extract from Philip Cashian 'Wynter Music'
R & D documentary video recording
The video shown on this page was made from documentary recordings of four performances of the 4D Music concert in January 2008 using two video cameras. The main footage is from a schools performance with extracts from the other school performance and two family concerts to produce a more rounded visual presentation. The sound was recorded on two camera mics.