Antarctic Waves wins a BAFTA award
13th September 2002

Braunarts and British Antarctic Survey are delighted to announce that Antarctic Waves, has won a BAFTA award (British Academy of Film & Television Arts Interactive Awards), in the Offline Learning category.

The full list of winners in all sections can be viewed at:

Below is the criteria for the Offline Learning category:

Offline Learning
The most effective use of offline interactive media for education.
This category will recognise creativity and innovation in both academic and "lifelong" learning delivered via any form of offline media. We are looking for applications written for DVD, DVD-ROM, games consoles, and public space installations (eg museum exhibitions with interactive displays) that use their medium imaginatively to engage the target user and to teach through specific use of interactivity.

The judges from the Offline Learning jury commented:
"Antarctic Waves is a highly imaginative educational product which brings science and music together to offer a stimulating learning experience for music students, and an engaging journey for general users. The jury loved the high level of interactivity, which allows any user to stretch their creative potential to the full."


Antarctic Waves is given a Sunday Times award
29th December 2002

'Here is a fun musical program that encourages learning, creativity and technical know-how. Two unlikely bedfellows, the British Antarctic Survey and multimedia company Braunarts, teamed up to deliver a jaw-droppingly innovative CD-Rom featuring a music-making kit for schools. GCSE and A-Level pupils create music by manipulating scientific data that has been transmogrified into sound - sonar pings against the ocean floor can be organised into rhythmical patterns; the pitch of gurgling ice floes can be harmonised as if on a keyboard. The only limiting factor is your imagination. JK'

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