This 'shocked' site (see below) is for those of you who want to investigate the fascinating music of the composer Sir Harrison Birtwistle
It centres on a unique interview with Birtwistle recorded especially for this web site where he discusses his opera 'The Mask of Orpheus' in detail. Substantial links provide an insight into the way that he uses musical devices as well as looking at other pieces in his repertoire.
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This site complements the festival 'Secret Theatres: The Harrison Birtwistle Retrospective' running at The Royal Festival Hall in London from April 12th to May 4th 1996. The web site has been commissioned by the Head of Education at The Royal Festival Hall and its purpose is to provide some insights into the understanding of music by Harrison Birtwistle.

This is a SHOCKED SITE, best viewed with the 'Shockwaves' plug-in for Netscape 2+. Those of you with non Netscape 2 + browsers will still be able to navigate through the site but won't be able to see and hear all of the files provided. The Shockwaves software can be downloaded freely from Macromedia.
We hope you enjoy the site and would be pleased to answer your comments.



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