Three Dimensional Music in

'The Mask of Orpheus'

"I try to look at music as if it were a three-dimensional object - the analogy with sculpture is that its something you look round but you never actually see the whole picture."

(In 'The Mask of Orpheus') . . . "things repeat with different emphasis and Imagethey repeat as if from different angles so in that sense the subject matter is not two dimensional - it's a three dimensional way of looking at the subject matter. Euridice is stung by the snake and at that moment she dies, and there is a funeral, and she goes to the underworld. That moment of her being stung is repeated many times and becomes like a theme."

"You're in a wonderful position as a dramatist because you have the expectancy that the audience already knows the story. This is important . It's retelling and so consequently you can deal with it thematically. You couldn't make an opera out of Brief Encounter for instance or Pinter play or a narrative from that or even Shakespeare I don't think. It has to be this very basic material which is myth, and myth is about retelling and is as relevant now as it ever was and I think probably will be forever."