Digital Dancing at Open Windows - Stockholm, April 1998

Illuminations will be working with the British Council this April to bring the emerging technology of Motion Capture to the Open Windows on Europe Multimedia Project.

*** Play this movie created today (April 17th) to see what the team have been up to. Please note that you will need to have QuickTime to see this QTVR movie.***

Richard Lord and Enid Gill will be developing and performing "Gateway" using the Motion Capture equipment which has been kindly loaned by Virtual Presence.

We will be presenting three types of activity over Friday the 17th & Saturday the 18th of April:

  1. We will be working/choreographing/rehearsing/programming in the space through-out the day from 1100 to 1800 on both days. People will be welcome to watch and if engage in conversations as & when...

  2. We will offer short (10 / 15 min) performances of work-in-progress at around 1330 and 1630 (exact times to be announced - watch this space) each of the two days.

  3. We will present a short lecture/demonstration from 1530-1600 on each of the two days. NB these will be "hands-on" and will allow a few people (3 or 4 maximum each session) to actually try out being fitted up in the motion capture harness/rig.

*** Below are three images of Enid rigged up in the Motion Capture harness with the 'Bug' visible on the monitor in the background. The images are from activities on April 18th.

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Posted : 17.24 / 30.3.98