Digital Dancing
a CyberStudio for Choreographers and Dancers

Sadlers Wells
24th - 29th October, 1995

Dance-making moves out of the rehearsal room and into the Cyberstudio as Dance Umbrella invites some of the most talented choreographers in Britain to collaborate with digital artists, animators, and multimedia designers. This week of dance and multimedia aims to advance the cause of digital dancing and will be directed by Terry Braun of Illuminations Interactive, a television and interactive media producer with a long standing interest and commitment to dance.

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Each of the creative teams will be encouraged to produce a piece of digital dance. As part of this process the teams will be offered opportunities to familiarise themselves with some of the most up to date software currently available and to take part in specially organised workshops in multimedia design and choreography.

Activity will centre around the Cyberstudio in the Lilian Baylis Theatre in Sadler's Wells, where teams of choreographers and artists will have access to top-end Apple Macintosh computers running Life Forms and multimedia software connected in a Local Area Network as well as to the InterNet. Added to this array of creative tools will be a number of experienced media producers and computer artists was well as composers and musicians, providing a unique combination of artistry, production experience and sophisticated computing.

We are organising two public seminars at The Lilian Baylis Theatre, the first on Friday 27 October at 7.30pm and The second seminar on Sunday 29 October 4pm, will be chaired by Terry Braun and will broach more practical issues starting to construct a strategy for financing and supporting similar project s in the future.

You can join us live over the internet by IRC

Perhaps the most interesting level of public access and participation is through the Internet. Illuminations will use its web site to offer what will be both a showcase and a virtual workshop for the week's work. Work in progress will be offered for international feedback on the World Wide Web as participants gain first hand experience of "workshopping" ideas on a global stage.

The web site will be hot-linked to other Dance Umbrella sites around London including the South Bank, and will be active from October 23 until Mid-November remaining on-line as a record of the course and the subsequent discussion it generates.

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This event has been made possible with the kind assistance of a great many organisations who we are extremely grateful to.