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BIOGRAPHIES of Rene Eyre and Chris Nash

Doll image1 RENE EYRE Artistic Director THE PLUNGE CLUB
Having started her career as a painting and illustration student at Central St Martins, visual artist and choreographer Rene Eyre now finds herself being studied on the Dance A level syllabus of British schools and colleges.

Doll image1 Her first experimental performance art work was created with Richard Strange for the Wardour Street club CABARET FUTURA.She set up her own performance company ACTION SYNDICATE,in 1988 creating and performing in works such as A PERFECT ACTION,A FEW SMALL NIPS (for which she was awarded the Bonnie Bird Choreographic Award)and WOULD I COULD CAST A SAIL IN THE WATER,which toured in the U.K and overseas.

Rene has collaborated with a number of noted artists including Derek Jarman (The Garden and Edward II),Jan Fabre,Pete Brooks,Pet Shop Boys,Suede,Saw Doctors and Shriekback.

Her career as an illustrator has developed along side her performance work and she continues to combine commissions from The New Statesman,Jonathan Cape and Victor Gollanz with teaching Fine Art Illustration at the City and Guils Art School.

Doll image1 Recently she has become widely known for her work as artistic director of THE PLUNGE CLUB,a monthly showcase 'for people with ideas who want to dabble and plot, 'recognised to be an important play ground for artists from all all fields to take risks and broaden the horizons of their work.The Plunge Club also promotes one-off mixed media events in unlikely locations such as a Hackney hospital,Nunhead Cemetry,a Gothic Curch.a Sheffield spoon workshop and a chocolate factory in Transalvania.

    '...the creative genius bubbling behind the PLUNGE CLUB is Rene Eyre.'
      Ray Niewe TOTAL THEATRE

    For Eyre,choreography is just one aspect of the ambitiously theatrical environments that characterise her work...the parallel development of movement and design,a co-existence which sparks things off'

      Sophie Constanti THE INDEPENDENT

    'turbulent,beautifully detailed....Eyre certainly knows how to position her dancers to maximum effect'


photographer and co-deviser of Say A Little Prayer

Long considered to be a revolutionary in the field of dance photography,Chris has built up a vast body of work photographing companies diverese as the Cholmondeleys,the Featherstonehaughs, DV8, Adventures in Motion Pictures, Yolande Snaith Theatredance, Mathew Hawkins, V-TOL, Michael Clarke Company and the Royal Ballet.

His work has been published in all major magazines that report on the dance world including Vogue(British,German and American,Elle (British and Spanish),Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan,Time Out,The Face,i-D,Tempo,Dance Theatre Journal, Dancing Times and Performance.

Known in particular for his distinctive use of photo montage,bleaching,scratching and collaging in the creation of his images, Chris also works in the music industry.Recent work has included creating album covers for the likes of Jamiraquai and the Pet Shop Boys.

In 1989 Chris received a Time Out/Dance Umbrella Award for 'helping to make the face of dance more recognisable'.He has now diversified into directing and designing(BBC 2 Dance House series)and was a subject of a special report on the Late Show which described him as 'one of the most creative and innovative photographers of his generation'.

A collection of Chris's dance photography "A Glance at the Toes," was recently published by creative Monochrome.

    'Chris Nash is a revolutionary in the field of dance photography'

    The instance you see a Chris Nash photograph,you know an artist is at work'


    '...a cocktail of living images that vibrate with rhythm,movement and energy'


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