A Selection of works by BAFTA award-winners, Braunarts with Maria Oshodi of Extant:
Tandemonium logo Image for The Question Image from Obscurity Dark Heritage logo Image from The DARK

Tandemonium was commissioned as a site specific piece in Trafalgar Square by the Greenwich and Docklands International festival for The Mayor of London's Liberty Festival 2010. It features a cast of riders and singers on tandem bikes performing cycled choreography to a brand new arrangement of "Together Wherever We Go" from the musical "Gypsy".

This new piece is a work in development between Extant and Braunarts which we hope to further develop.

Visit the Tandemonium website for further details.

The Question is an immersive theatre project that explores haptic technology in relation to navigation, perception and knowledge created by Extant in collaboration with Battersea Arts Centre (BAC), the Computing Department of The Open University with Braunarts as project consultants and film-makers.

The Question invites participants to explore a narrative drama in a tactile and audio environment in pitch darkness, guided by a haptic device, which uses robotics technology and infrared sensors to change its form in response to their journey through the installation.

Visit The Question website for further details.

Extant was commissioned by Greenwich and Docklands International Festival to create a narrative-based site specific performance at the Peter Harrison Planetarium, near the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, with Braunarts as sound designers and project consultants.

Obscurity was a 30-minute promenade piece around the large bronze cone roof of the planetarium featuring a story that played with the unobservable, fragments, and the whole. The performance included a 16-speaker spatialised sound design, visual art and live music and acting.

More information via the Braunarts website.


The not for profit sister company of Braunarts, Bee Arts CIC, further developed The DARK into Dark Heritage by creating a series of 2-hour workshops for a new UK tour as part of the commemorative events marking Britain's Abolition of the Slave Trade Act in 1807.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England, these workshops were written by Bee Arts CIC with Gail Molloy and Maria Oshodi.

The freely available workshops are themed and include 'Historical evidence', 'Storymaking in the dark', 'Soundscape theatre using ICT', 'Constructing new narratives using music and mime', 'Exploring identity' and 'Exploring moral issues'.

Visit the Dark Heritage website for further details.

Created by Braunarts, The DARK is a touring 3D sound installation in pitch darkness set on board a slave ship in the 18th century and featuring a dramatic narrative written by Maria Oshodi.

In The Dark your eyes will be of no use to you - instead, you will need to rely on your ears and your imagination to find your way through a maze of troubled ghosts and unlock the mysteries of their lives.

The DARK uses ghosts and 'ghostliness' as metaphors -  for both the dark and hidden aspects of our past, as well as for the difficulty that we experience when we need to respond to things that we can hear, but cannot see.

Visit the The Dark website for details and the download version.


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