Faraday's Cage Trailor from Braunarts on Vimeo.

The Faraday's Cage film
Faraday’s Cage is the story of a composer wrestling with a lack of inspiration, under huge pressure to finish the soundtrack for a film about the Victorian scientist Michael Faraday. She seeks inspiration at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London's Docklands, where Faraday lived and conducted many of his experiments. But her exploration leads her into a feverish dreamscape inhabited by 19th century residents of Trinity Buoy Wharf, spirits as troubled as she is...
The creative team
Faraday's Cage has been created collaboratively by Anna Buonomo and Terry Braun supported by Gabi Braun (sound designer), Lorenzo Turchi Floris (composer) and Lise Smith (Bricolage company manager) together with an incredibly supportive cast and crew, all of whom are listed in the Cast & Credits page. Faraday’s Cage is a development of Story of a Night Pianist, a previous work created by Anna Buonomo in collaboration with composer Lorenzo Turchi Floris.
Terry Braun - film director
Terry is a BAFTA award-winning TV and Multimedia producer. He has directed/produced a wide range of arts films from contemporary dance to The Turner Prize, and documentaries across history, culture and science, primarily for Channel 4 and BBC2. Terry pioneered dance for camera with the Dance-Lines series in 1987 for Channel 4, continuing with Dance for Camera for the BBC which brought choreographers and television directors together to make new dance especially for the screen. In the early 90's, Terry initiated Digital Dancing – the combining of choreographic skills with a range of creators using wide-ranging new digital technology. Terry’s series of Digital Dancing work culminated in two Arts4Everyone funded events, at the Riverside Studios and the Jerwood Space.

His dance productions include JavaDance, a 3D computer animation which brings life back into 9th century stone carvings of dancers from the temple complex of Prambanan in Central Java; Shobana Jeyasingh's [h]interland, the live webcast of a dancer in Bangalore shown in Greenwich as part of the performance; AEON with Random Dance Company with Deborah Bull at the Royal Opera House; the small-scale ballet ‘Sophie’ for ROH2 and most recently ‘Synchronised’ with Balbir Singh Dance Company.

To find out more about Terry Braun and his company Braunarts, please visit: www.braunarts.com

Anna Buonomo - choreographer
Anna Buonomo is an Italian-born contemporary choreographer working in the UK as a dance artist, performer and teacher. Her work blends ballet, hip-hop and contemporary styles to achieve unconventional movement dynamics using emotions and human narrative as starting points.

In October 2010, Anna’s work Tied Up was selected by UK Young Artists (ukyoungartists.co.uk) for their first National Showcase in Derby with mentoring support from Akram Khan. Anna's works have also been shown at The Place Robin Howard Theatre, Nottingham Playhouse and Stratford Circus. In May 2011, Anna was selected as choreographer for The Big Dance Royal Flash Mob event for 135 performers at Buckingham Palace, viewed live by 200 people and over 1 million times since on YouTube.

Anna aims to create inspiring, accessible, cross-disciplinary narrative performance works using a blend of movement styles and physical theatre. By combining influences from contemporary dance theatre and youth-oriented forms including Hip-hop, and by working in unusual and outdoor spaces, Anna’s work aims to bring new audiences to live performance – in particular, young people who may not otherwise engage with dance in the theatre.

To find out more about Anna Buonomo and her company Bricolage Dance Movement, please visit: annabuonomo.com/

Gabi Braun - sound designer

Composer and sound designer, Gabi Braun has created sound for museum installations, theatrical dance productions and films as well as working as a producer on a wide range of sound-based works including the BAFTA award-winning Antarctic Waves and the unique 20.4 3D sound work, The DARK.

Gabi has worked with a wide range of orchestras and orchestral organisations including the London Sinfonietta, Royal Philharmonia Orchestra, The Philharmonic Orchestra, the Birmingham Contemporary music Group and the American Symphony Orchestra League.

Gabi is currently creating soundscapes for an exhibit in the Science Museum's new permanent gallery, the Information Age, due to open in autumn 2014.

To find out more about Gabi Braun, please visit: www.braunarts.com

Lorenzo Turchi-Floris - orchestral music composer
Pianist, conductor and composer Lorenzo Turchi-Floris is musical director of the Mont Blanc Symphony Orchestra, and since 2005 also founder member and musical director of the Mont Blanc Symphony Orchestra Choir. He is regularly invited by prestigious orchestras as soloist and guest conductor.

A winner of several national and international piano competitions, (Grand Prix of the the United States 1993” [Detroit], “Città di Ciampino 1988”, “Città di Gargano 1991”, “Città di Matera 1991”, “Città di Roma A.I.D.I. 1992”, “XVIIa Selezione Nazionale Giovani Concertisti 1992”, “Città di Pineto 1994”, “Città di Tortona 1994”), Turchi-Floris enjoys a busy and successful career worldwide as concert pianist. He is passionately dedicated to teaching music and has amongst his pupils many winners of international music competitions.

Lorenzo Turchi-Floris created the original musical score for Story Of A Night Pianist and will redevelop the score for Faraday's Cage.

To find out more about Lorenzo Turchis Floris, please visit: www.lorenzoturchi.com