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This Ligeti site was created as a pilot for a small group of students and teachers in the UK in 1997 and is now cited and linked to internationally.
This site was produced by Illuminations Interactive, now known as Braunarts, and was commissioned by the Philharmonia Orchestra with funding from The Foundation for Sport and the Arts and Vincent Meyer.

New music based works by Braunarts include The Dark - a ghostly soundscape that is entered in complete darkness where all you have to fear is your imagination; 3D Music - an online performance space Created by Braunarts and the London Sinfonietta, featuring interaction design by Gabi Braun, music by Sam Hayden and 3D environments by Eduardo Carrillo.

You could also check out Antarctic Waves - a BAFTA award winning composing toolkit that allows you to make music from Antarctic science. Antarctic Waves is available for anyone to purchase.

Previous music works include the Evelyn Glennie Virtual Masterclass

To find out about other works and events that Braunarts are involved in, please visit the main Braunarts website.