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Visit to the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Norwich: Wednesday 11th February 2009

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St John's Cathedral contacts: Naomi Perowne, Cathedral Development Officer and Father James Walsh

On Wednesday 12th February 2009, via an introduction by Saul Penfold, Terry met with Naomi Perowne, Cathedral Development Officer, and Father James Walsh presenting a detailed proposal for how St John's could host No Shelter from the Storm.

Terry is trying something a bit different in this cathedral - by projecting on the western faces of the pillars on the west side of the crossing, the public should feel surrounded by and immersed in the projections.

It is the second largest Catholic cathedral in the country, with construction starting in 1882.



The additional images show just a few examples of the beauty of St John's Cathedral.


The whole of the nave, over 49 metres long and 18 metres high is richly decorated with dark Frosterley marble from Durham. Take a closer look at these marble columns and notice the thousands of fossilised creatures embedded in the limestone.