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Journeys in the Roman Empire CD-Rom
This new educational CD-Rom has been produced by Braunarts for Channel 4 Schools Television and the British Museum, and will be available from Autumn/Winter 2000. 'Journeys in the Roman Empire' includes four main journeys, which will introduce students to life in the Roman world during 470 years of Roman rule, from the reign of Augustus to the decline of the empire in the first half of the 5th century AD.

'The Merchant's Tale'
'The Merchant's Tale' encourages students to become Roman merchants, buying and selling goods and trying to find the best route from Italy to Britain to make a profit. This journey includes a QTVR movie of Ostia, the old port of Rome.

'The Emperor Hadrian'
In this journey, students travel with Hadrian to solve problems at five frontiers of the empire - Germania, Britannia, North Africa, Judaea and the Eastern frontier. They also have an option to play the Province game and 'Ludus Latrunculorum' - a military strategy game.

'The Mystery of Regina and Barates'
'The Mystery of Regina and Barates' asks students to investigate two tombstones found near Hadrian's Wall in the north of England, and to create their own version of a story based on the evidence at hand.

'Saint Melania'
'Saint Melania' is a narrative that gives the students an insight into the end of the Western Empire and the start of the medieval world.

Although the CD Rom is targeted at students at Key Stage 3 who will be studying the Celts, Roman Britain and the Roman Empire, aspects of the journeys would be helpful for older students and will also be of interest to those of any age wishing to know more about the Roman Empire.

To purchase a copy of Journeys in the Roman Empire, please go to the Channel 4 website - thanks.
"This CD-Rom has so many good qualities that I could become a convert to its simulations. . . There are few CD-Roms like this one, which makes the expertise of top archeologists exciting and accessible to younger students."
Ben Walsh, TES, 23rd March 2001

Key personnel:
Gabriella Braun, Braunarts
Terry Braun, Braunarts
Richard Lord, Programmer