The Wishing Well
In 1997 Braunarts (previously Illuminations Interactive) was asked to create an installation in one of the wells that Sadler's Wells Theatre is situated on - an installation that can also raise funds. In response Terry Braun created the Wishing Well.

Visitors to the theatre walk down a corridor to enter the auditorium and see a circular area on the floor covered in glass. As they look down into the area they see an eerily lit digital well and hear extraordinary sounds of water and ominous deep rumblings. Inside this well live two monsters who live to get your money!

Feeding them by depositing a coin or note into slots in the wall causes the two to fight for your money. The beautiful but strange creatures engage more and more with the donor depending on the amount of money given. The resulting actions of the monsters include some cheeky glances if you haven't put very much in!

You can see the Wishing Well at Sadler's Wells Theatre in Islington, north London.
Key personnel:
Producer - Terry Braun, braunarts
3D Designer - Lost in Space
Composer - Rob Godman
Programmer - Richard Lord