The Fugitive's Journal - films for 'The Intention'

The Fugitive's Journal from Braunarts on Vimeo.

The film above is one of four films created by Terry Braun specially for the live dance and music performances of 'The Intention' at Radialsystem V in Berlin. This film, The Fugitive's Journal, was made to be downloaded and viewed by the audience on their smart phones or tablets as they wait for the show to begin, or, indeed seen after the performance. The other three films were mute and were installed in the bar, and the entrance to the theatre of the Radialsystem V building in Berlin, surrounding the audience as they entered and left the live performance space.


Film Credits:
  • Story and Direction: Terry Braun
  • Photography: Terry & Alex Braun
  • Produced by Braunarts
  • Location: Osea Island, Essex, UK
  • The Fugitive: David Lloyd
  • Faustine: Julia Robert
  • Morel: Alex Braun
  • Picnic: Adrienne Hart, Antje Taiga Jandrig

Inspired by ‘The Invention of Morel’, a novel by Adolfo Bioy Casares, 'The Intention' was a sold out two-night performance of dance, live music and video that created an extraordinary audio and visual feast exploring a world of disjointed presences; where the playback of a recording of events takes on a greater reality than the continued existence of its subjects.

Credits for The Intention
  • Choreography & Concept Adrienne Hart (UK)
  • Original Score Nils Frahm & Anne Müller (DE)
  • Films by Terry Braun (UK)
  • Dance David Lloyd | Julia Robert (UK)
  • Scenography Nico de Rooij (NL) | Stuart Bailes (UK)
  • Costume Anke Bruns (DE)
  • Funded & Supported by Arts Council Southwest | Swindon Dance | Dance Digital | Dance City | Dock 11 | Jerwood Space | The Place | Pavilion Dance South West

The Intention from Braunarts on Vimeo.

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Neon Dance RADIALSYSTEM V, BERLIN Nils Frahm Anne Müller

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